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Frequently Asked Questions

What are publication support services?

Publication support services offer researchers a one-stop solution for top-quality editorial and production services throughout the journal submission process. Access valuable facilities like:

  • Pre-submission Review
  • Journal Selection
  • Substantive (language) Editing
  • Formatting and Artwork Editing
  • Journal Submission
  • Plagiarism Correction
  • Resubmission Support, Cover Letter Creation and more besides.
  • Manuscript follow till journal acceptance/publication

In case I want to put my assignment on hold with Publication Support, as I am revising my manuscript, what do I do?

You can write to us on mentioning your order id and the fact that you would like to put the assignment on hold. Your Project Manager will assist you accordingly.

When can I expect a response from the journal once the journal submission is complete?

The journal ideally should send you an acknowledgement receipt for your submitted manuscript on the same day. The decision time taken for publication varies from journal to journal. Ideally, it should be within three months from the date of submission. Some journals have a faster peer-review process, in such a case you would receive a response within 2 to 4 weeks.

What is plagiarism? How to avoid plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the intentional or accidental use of someone’s words or ideas without attribution or citation.

To avoid plagiarism:

  • Paraphrase: Information that fits your paper should be put within your own words, instead of copying the whole content from an online source. This will help retain the novelty of your current manuscript.
  • Cite:Always give credit to facts, quotations, opinions that are not common knowledge, even when expressed in your own words.
  • Quoting: Always give credit when you use another person’s wordings, even a phrase. Use quotation marks.
  • Citing your own material : or previous work in the current paper, this will avoid self-plagiarism
  • Referencing: This is one of the most important ways to avoid plagiarism.
What are the usual reasons for rejection?
Manuscripts are usually rejected based on several reasons like aim and scope mismatch, quality of research, the novelty of the study, plagiarism, inadequate data and techniques presented, the insufficient sample size to support the findings, and also due to large volumes of manuscripts being received by the journal. This makes the journal unable to accommodate any further manuscripts for review.
Why does my formatted manuscript appears non-identical/unlike after it is published by the Journal?

We format manuscripts according to the journal’s guidelines for submission. Once a paper is accepted, the journal may perform copyediting and typesetting of the formatted paper to prepare it for publication according to its print set requirements.

What is Pre-submission Peer Review?

Journal reviewers provide with valuable feedback during the journal’s editorial and decision making process. However, journal’s editorial time frame can vary, and your paper may go through the peer-review process after a long wait. Getting technical advice on your manuscript from an expert in your research area helps you avoid rejections, address possible pitfalls well before submission and gain advantage.

Our experts will evaluate every research element of your paper, such as novelty of the manuscript, soundness of study design, reporting of method, significance to field, ethical soundness, sufficiency of data analysis, compliance with the journal guidelines, and provide their suggestions or recommendations to increase the chances of publication.

Who is the corresponding author? Should it always be the first author mentioned in my manuscript?

The corresponding author is the one who is the primary point of contact for your manuscript. The journal editor corresponds with him during the submission process. The readers may also contact the corresponding author post-publication. It is not necessary that the corresponding author is always the first author of your manuscript. It can be any author in the author group who is prompt in responding to the journal or readers.

Is the impact factor the main standard to be considered while choosing a target journal?

Impact factor is only one of the measures you should take into consideration while selecting a suitable journal. Other factors like journal’s aim and scope match with your research topic, novelty of the study, frequency of publication, journal coverage (indexed in well-known databases like Scopus, SCI, SCIE,ESCI, SSCI etc.) are also prominent factors while choosing a target journal.

Can I submit the same manuscript to different journals at the same time?

No. Submission of the same manuscript to more than one journal in the same period is considered to be a violation of the journal’s code of conduct policy and classified as an unethical practice. This practice may result in duplication of publication and the journal(s) would likely withdraw your submission resulting in demeaning your dignified reputation.

Can you reformat my manuscript as per a different journal’s guidelines if I face rejection from the first journal?

We can reformat your manuscript as per the new target journal’s guidelines at the cost of a page.

I have received reviewer comments on my manuscript. I’d like them addressed.

In the event you are asked to resubmit your paper with revisions, or if it happens to be rejected altogether, our Revised/Rejected Paper Editing service is the perfect option to help you edit your paper, address any reviewer comments, and make it resubmission-ready. 

My manuscript was rejected. Can you help?

Certainly, our Revised/Rejected Paper Editing service is tailor-made for your situation. We conduct a comprehensive language and content review of your manuscript to address all reviewer comments and ensure it is ready for resubmission.

How can MSIT help me get published?

Our Publication Support services are designed to provide end-to-end support to researchers at every stage of the publishing process. Services like Journal Selection, Pre-Submission  Peer Review, Journal Submission, and Revised/Rejected Paper Editing among others, offered by MSIT research experts, help you excel in your publishing journey.

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