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Journal Submission Service

Journal Submission Service

Do you want to see your research published in top academic journals without the hassle of navigating submission processes? Look no further! I offer a comprehensive Journal Submission Service that ensures your manuscript is not only ready for submission but also targeted to the right journals.

Why Choose My Service?

  • Expert Formatting: I will format your manuscript to meet the specific guidelines of your chosen journal.
  • Journal Targeting: Get personalized journal recommendations to maximize your chances of acceptance.
  • Submission Handling: I will submit your manuscript to your selected journals, handling all the details.
  • Continuous Support: Receive ongoing support and feedback throughout the submission process.


To make the work easier and faster, please provide:

  1. Your complete manuscript in a Word document.
  2. Details of any preferred journals or specific guidelines.
  3. Any feedback from previous submissions, if applicable.
  4. Your contact email for communication and updates.


1: What journals do you submit to?

I submit to a wide range of reputable academic journals based on your field of study and preferences.

2: How long does the submission process take?

The initial review and formatting take 3-5 days. Submission times vary based on the journal's response time.

3: Can you guarantee acceptance?

While I can't guarantee acceptance, my thorough review and targeting process significantly improve your chances.

4: What if my manuscript gets rejected?

If your manuscript gets rejected, I offer feedback and suggestions for resubmission or alternative journals.

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