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MATLAB/Simulink for Power Electronics Simulations

MATLAB/Simulink for Power Electronics Simulations

  1. Master MATLAB/Simulink for Power Electronics Simulations with our in-depth online course. Learn to model and simulate power electronics devices like rectifiers, DC-to-DC converters, and inverters.
  2. Enhance your engineering skills with our MATLAB/Simulink for Power Electronics Simulations course. Dive into modeling and simulation of essential power electronics devices using MATLAB/Simulink.
  3. Join our online course to gain expertise in MATLAB/Simulink for Power Electronics Simulations. Perfect for engineers and students, this course covers rectifiers, converters, and inverters.

What you'll learn:

  • Fundamentals of MATLAB/Simulink for power electronics.
  • Modeling and simulation of rectifiers.
  • Designing and simulating DC-to-DC converters.
  • Developing inverters using Simulink.
  • Analyzing and interpreting simulation results.
  • Applying control strategies in power electronics simulations.
  • Troubleshooting and optimizing simulation models.
  • Real-world applications of power electronics simulations.

This course includes:

  • Certificate of completion
  • Lifetime access to course materials
  • Interactive video lessons
  • Practical projects and assignments
  • Downloadable resources and templates
  • Access to a student community forum
  • Personalized feedback from instructors


  • Basic knowledge of electrical engineering
  • Familiarity with power electronics concepts
  • A computer with MATLAB/Simulink installed
  • Basic understanding of MATLAB environment
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